Throttle Body Temperature Sensor


The logic module uses the throttle body temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the throttle body to determine the temperature of the fuel entering the engine.  It uses this information to calculate the proper air/fuel mixture for a hot start condition to prevent vapor lock.  The sensor's design is just a thermistor, which measures 9,120 ohms to 10,880 ohms at 77^F.  The voltage on the sensor should read about 2.5V at 77^F.  This sensor is only used on the non-turbo, TBI engines.

Fault Codes

This sensor is diagnosed similarly to the coolant temperature sensor.  If the sensor voltage is less than 0.06V or greater than 4.98V, a fault code 23 is stored and the power loss light is turned on.  The system will enter limp-in mode and a throttle body temperature of 70^F is assumed.

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Updated 12/19/2003.

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