Fault Code 14


Description:  MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor electronic failure
Power loss light:  On
Limp-in mode:  TPS and engine speed used as an indication of manifold pressure

Possible Causes

Bad connector or wiring - check the MAP sensor connector contacts for corrosion.  Check the wiring for continuity.

MAP sensor failure - Replace the MAP sensor which is located on the right shock tower on '87 and later vehicles or in the logic module on previous vehicles.  Damage from freezing water can destroy a MAP sensor.

Diagnostic Method

Trigger Parameters

- MAP sensor output voltage is below 0.02V or above 4.94V

Results If Component Fails

A fault code 14 is stored, the power loss light is turned on, and the system will enter limp-in mode.  The AIS will then be completely closed and the logic module will use the TPS and the ignition reference sensor to guess what the manifold pressure is.  Also, the engine speed will be limited to 2,000 rpm on turbo engines when the throttle plate is opened more than 22 degrees to prevent overboost.
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