Fault Code 32


Description:  Logic module did not see a change in air/fuel ratio when EGR circuit was activated
Power loss light:  Off
Limp-in mode:  None

Possible Causes

EGR valve stuck open or closed - If the vehicle fails emmisions, then the valve may be shut.  If the enigne runs poorly at low rpm or at idle, the valve may be stuck open.  It may be the valve or the transducer valve. Test the transducer valve vacuum output.  At idle, the transducer valve vacuum should be mostly bled, and there should be very little, if any vacuum at the output.  When the engine is revved, the vacuum should increase.  If the transducer is functioning properly, replace the EGR valve.

Bad EGR solenoid or Canister purge/EGR solenoid - The solenoid is located in the right, front fender next to one to three other solenoids.  See the Understanding Solenoids page for information about how to test and repair solenoids.

Bad connection or wiring - Check the wiring and connections between the solenoid and the logic module (or SMEC).  Clean and regrease any corroded connectors with dielectric grease and repair any shorts.

Diagnostic Method

Trigger Parameters

- The EGR solenoid was deactivated, but the oxygen sensor reading did not change

Results If Component Fails

Fault code 32 is stored.
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