Fault Code 44-SMEC


Notes:  For 1988 or later models

Description:  No FJ2 voltage present at logic board
Power loss light:  Off
Limp-in mode:  None

Possible Causes

Bad connection or wiring - Check the wiring and connections between the SMEC and the ignition key.  Be sure to check the fusible links by the battery.  Locate the J2 wiring splice in your vehicle by using the splice locations in the front of the wiring diagrams manual.  Make sure there is power to the module from the splice with the ignition on.  Clean and regrease any corroded connectors with dielectric grease and repair any shorts.

Blown internal fuse - Replace SMEC.

Diagnostic Method

Trigger Parameters

- 12V on the J2 input was not detected during startup diagnostics

Results If Component Fails

Fault code 44 is stored.


This feed is used to power the AIS motor, etc and is supplied to the logic board by the power board inside the SMEC.
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