Recommended Vendors

This page lists all of the vendors recommended throughout this site.  The names are links to their web page, if available.  Address and telephone numbers are provided whenever possible.

2.2L/2.5L Specific Vendors

FWD Performance - This company is regarded as one of the most reliable in 2.2L/2.5L Performance and OEM Parts.  They sell pretty much everything you need for your powertrain, brakes, and suspension.  Some of what they sell are products that used to be available from LRE.  Highly recommended.  (281) 419-0319.

Relentless Performance - Run by Gary Donovan, they specialize in high performance racing products for your 2.2L/2.5L powertrain.  This includes custom ECU calibrations and custom fabrication.

Lambros Race Engineering (LRE) - One of the first companies to specialize in 2.2L/2.5L performance at a reasonable price.  They have not sold directly to the public for many years and their website seems to have fallen off the net.

Forward Motion, Inc. - Another FWD performance company.  Their emphasis has moved on to more recent FWD Mopar vehicles, but they do still sell parts for the 2.2L/2.5L engines.  What exactly they do sell is not made clear by their website, so you will probably need to call:  (302) 658-2829.

General Vendors

Summit High Performance Auto Racing Supplies - One of the more popular general racing supply vendors.  Here you can get the Intellitronix A/F gauge, Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, and other great stuff for very reasonable prices.  Be sure to get a catalog.

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Another good parts supplier.  Be sure to get a catalog.  One nice item they sell is silicone tubing pieces for constructing elaborate intercooler setups.

Performance International - They specialize in K&N air filters and Centerforce clutches.  They have an online catalog and great prices.

J.C. Whitney - For various automotive odds and ends, take a look at their (now more complete) online catalog.  Be sure you know something about the manufacturer of what you are ordering before doing so.


Venolia Pistons and Rods - This company makes very high-quality forged aluminum pistons for a very reasonable price.  As with most piston manufacturers, they have the specifications for the stock 2.2L and 2.5L pistons on file.  From this they can manufacture a completely stock piston, or a piston made to your specifications.  They generally do not sell directly to the public, but their products are available through FWD Performance.  They currently have blueprints for all Turbo I, II, and IV engines.  Prices vary from about $65 to $80, depending on what you have done.  Delivery is 2 - 4 weeks.  Address: 2160 Cherry Industrial Cir, Long Beach, CA  90805.  Phone: (213) 636-9329, (562) 531-8463, Fax: (562) 633-9439.

J & E Pistons - Another very popular name in performance pistons, though more expensive than Venolia.  They can custom manufacture high-quality forged pistons for our engines.  If you are going with stock piston design, try Forward Motion.  They stock a couple of over-sized piston sizes for a good price.  J & E currently has specifications for all Turbo I, II, and IV engines.

TRW Forged Pistons - Another piston manufacturer that features a couple of different available manufacturing methods for forged pistons.  I believe they have specs for most 2.2L engines.

Mahle Pistons - The best cast pistons you can get for our engines.  They are actually the company that made them in the first place (OEM).  These are far better pistons than any other aftermarket brand, including Silvolite, Hypotechnic and the like.  They are also available from FWD Performance.

Cunningham Rods - A manufacturer of high-quality custom connecting rods out of steel, chromemoly, or titanium.  To make a rod, they need to know the type of engine these are for, the center-to-center length of the rod, the type of rod bearings used and the bearing part number, diameter of the wrist pin, and the estimated weight of the rod (relates to the strength of the rod).  See Upgrading The Engine's Bottom End for more information.

Competition Cams - This company actually manufactures the Super 60 camshaft.  The material problems it has are actually a manufacturing issue, but don't expect any help from them.

Clevite Engine Bearings - A manufacturer of high performance engine bearings (mainly mains and rods for our engines).  I seem to recall problems with their rod bearings eating crankshafts, but I have no real information to back this up.

Seal Power - A manufacturer of gapless and other high-quality piston rings.

Total Seal, Inc. - Manufacturer of gapless and other high quality rings that work well on 2.2L and 2.5L turbocharged engines.

Performance Techniques - A good supplier of OEM model and upgraded turbochargers.

Turbo City - Another supplier of OEM model and upgraded turbochargers.

Spearco Intercoolers - They specialize in the design and manufacture of aluminum intercoolers for high performance passenger cars and racing applications.

ARP (Automotive Racing Products) - Famous for high-quality bolts and studs, particularly for heads.  You can purchase ARP stud kits through Forward Motion or FWD Performance.

K&N Engineering - One can't forget about K&N.  They sell every OEM replacement filter for our vehicles, plus a wide selection of universal filters to fit your custom intake needs.  To get a listing of their universal filter dimensions, you will need a catalog.  See the Upgrading The Intake page for more details.

Don's Hot Rod Shop - Source for cheap catalytic converters.  Call (800) 888-8892.

V.E.Peterson - This company sells the Walbro fuel pumps for most Chrysler 2.2L/2.5L turbocharge engines.  Their phone number is (800) 537-6212.  See the Upgrading Your Fuel System for more details.

Magnecor Race Wires - A popular manufacturer to upgrade your engine's ignition wires.  They are probably the one of the best you can get for a 2.2L or 2.5L engine.


RPS Performance Products - Manufacturer of high quality performance clutches.  Highly recommended over Centerforce.

The Tire Rack - Stop here to browse through their huge selection of tires and wheels.  They also have some great deals and online ordering.

Electrical and Electronics

Centech Wiring - A company that specializes in automotive wiring and harnesses.


Performance Suspension Components - A vendor that sells energy suspension components for Chrysler vehicles.  Look here for polyurethane bushings, etc.


Positive Impressions - Specializes in recreating Shelby-Dodge decal sets and floor mats.  Address is Box 27073, Jacksonville, FL  32205.  Phone: (904) 388-4040  Fax: (904) 389-9526.


Auto Meter - Probably one of the biggest names in performance instrumentation.  Surf their online catalog to a complete guide to all of their products.  They also manufacture an economy line of gauges, known as Autogage.

VDO North America - Another big name in performance instrumentation.  VDO's gauges tend to be more visually-appealing than Auto Meter, but less functional as a result.  Also, their selection isn't nearly as vast as Auto Meter's.

Industrial Process Measurement, Inc. - The source for pressure isolators for mechanical fuel and oil pressure gauges.  See the Choosing Your Gauges page for more details.  Their address is P.O. Box 622, 16 Columbus Rd., Sparta, NJ 07871-0622.  Phone: (973) 726-8077.  Fax: (973) 726-8981.




Tesla Electronics - The manufacturer of the famous G-TECH Pro performance meter.  It's a handy tool for testing out the results of your performance modifications, if you don't have a drag strip in your back yard.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company - A great place to get pneumatic supplies such as needle valves and the popular "Grainger" valve for WCVs.

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