The 1986 Turbo I Logic Module

(and 1987 Turbo I L-body)

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This page contains information specific to the 1986 Turbo I logic modules.  If you are not familiar with what the logic module is, please see the Understanding The Chrysler Engine Control Unit page before reading this one.

These logic modules use a Motorola 6803 processor.  The software is stored in a 8kx8 PROM, while the calibration data tables are stored in a 8kx8 EPROM (27C64).  The MAP sensor is built into the logic module case and connected internally.

In 1987 the L-body platform did not receive the same electronics updates that the other platforms received.  Therefore, this page also applies to the 1987 Turbo I L-body vehicles.

Supposedly starting in mid-1986, some Turbo I logic modules were equipped with the electronics necessary to control the Turbo II 4-wire AIS motor.  There is no way to identify from the outside if a particular logic module has this capability.  The only way to tell is to open it and look for the electronics.  I will add details on this as soon as I figure it out.


The logic module has two 25-pin connectors.  The following sections contain a diagram and pin-out for each.  The wire colors are in the color/tracer* format (BK/WT* = black wire with a white tracer).  Below is a list of color abbreviations:

Code Color Code Color Code Color
BK Black LB Light Blue TN Tan
BR Brown LG Light Green VT Violet
DB Dark Blue OR Orange WT White
DG Dark Green PK Pink YL Yellow
GY Grey RD Red * tracer

Red connector

Pin Circuit Wire Gauge Wire Color Function
1 - - - Not used
2 K16 22 VT/YL* Injector control signal
3 Y1 20 GY/WT* Injector on signal
4 - - - Not used
5 R31 22 DG/OR* Voltage regulation signal
6 K15 22 YL Anti dwell signal
7 K14 18 DB/WT* Ignition "start"/"run" feed from power module (J2)
8 K14 18 DB/WT* Ignition "start"/"run" feed from power module (J2)
9 - - - Not used
10 N7 18 GY/BK* Ignition reference sensor signal
11 DK21 20 PK Serial communications interface (TX)
12 T21 22 GY/LB* Tachometer gauge signal
13 DK20 20 LG Serial communications interface (RX)
14 Z6 22 LB/BK* Navigator fuel monitor signal
15 Y4 20 LB Baro-read solenoid output
16 - - - Not used
17 K19 20 DB/YL* ASD relay control output to power module
18 N1 18 GY/RD* AIS motor output (open)
19 Y6 20 LG/BK* Wastegate solenoid output
20 - - - Not used
21 C27 20 DB/PK* Radiator fan relay output
22 N2 18 BR/WT* AIS motor output (close)
23 N6 18 OR 8V power supply from power module
24 K5 18 BK/WT* Signal ground source from fuel rail bolt
25 N5 18 BK/LB* Signal ground to sensors

Blue Connector

Pin Circuit Wire Gauge Wire Color Function
1 K6 18 OR/WT* 5.0V power supply to TPS
2 J11 20 RD/WT* Direct battery feed (via power module)
3 N13 20 DB/OR* A/C cutout relay output
4 K3 20 BK/PK* Power loss lamp output
5 K1 20 PK/BK* Canister purge solenoid output
6 S6 20 GY/YL* EGR solenoid output
7 K9 18 LB/RD* Power ground source from fuel rail bolt
8 K9 18 LB/RD* Power ground source from fuel rail bolt
9 - - - Not used
10 - - - Not used
11 C2 18 BR A/C damped pressure switch signal
12 S4 20 BR/YL* Park/neutral safety switch signal
13 D40 18 WT/PK* Brake switch signal
14 G7 20 WT/OR* Speed/distance sensor signal
15 - - - Not used
16 - - - Not used
17 Y7 18 TN/YL* Fuel injector sync sensor signal
18 N11 18 BK Oxygen sensor signal
19 - - - Not used
20 K22 22 RD/BK* Battery temperature sensor signal
21 K7 18 OR/DB* Throttle position sensor (TPS) signal
22 J11 20 RD/WT* Voltage regulation sense signal
23 K10 20 TN/BK* Coolant temperature sensor signal
24 N12 18 BK/LG* Detonation sensor signal
25 K13 18 BK/RD* Air charge temperature sensor signal

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