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This page contains links to all the articles that are engine-related.  Articles that fall into more than one category are listed in each of them.


2.2L/2.5L Turbo Engine Information - explain some important concepts that are specific to these engines.

Turbocharger Concepts - explains how a turbocharger works on an engine and how it is controlled by the computer.

Vacuum Diagram Resource - A list of all vacuum diagrams currently available on this and other sites.

2.2L/2.5L Engine History - a chronicle of the history of the engine upon which this site is based.


Idle Problems On Fuel Injected Engines - Diagnose many of the common issues that can effect idle quality.

Replacing the Head Gasket - Learn the proper way to replace a head gasket for good.

Engine Timing And Belt Replacement - The correct procedure for installing a new timing belt and timing the engine (cam and ignition).

Drive Belt Replacement - Learn how to remove and install the accessory drive belts properly.

Fixing Noisy Belts - Stop that annoying squeak or squeal from under your hood.

How To Center Your Engine - Here is the procedure you need to keep from breaking axles.


Diagnosing Your Fuel System - Pinpoint problems with your fuel pump, regulator, injectors, and other fuel system components.

Build A Fuel Pressure Gauge - a how-to on making your own fuel pressure gauge instead of going out and buying an expensive fuel injection pressure gauge.


The Chrysler Engine Control Unit - contains very detailed information about the computer itself and how all the sensors and peripherals work with it.

Understanding Solenoids - everything you wanted to know about vacuum solenoids.


Oil Filters Revealed - I took apart several different oil filters, took measurements and pictures, and put it all into a web page.  You might be surprised.

Oil Filters Revealed: Opinions and Recommendations - This page is now a subjective overview of the data on the page listed below.  It contains more of my personal opinion than fact.

Engine Oil Choices - as much information as I dare put on a web page about this subject.

PCV Breather Issues - solutions to prevent oil from entering the air box, while still being emissions friendly.

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